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Is there a way to have a value to the "top" property that would only work for IE or FF and still validate?I have top: -2px which works in FF but IE is off by 2px. When I got it at 0px then FF is off by 2px.

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I'm able to fix it for IE6 and IE7 but in Firefox 2 it creates a 2px space between the blue line and the buttons. Would you know of anyway to do top: -2px; only for FF? When I didn't include files it was fine.

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With further testing, I've discovered that my flash animation is the problem. I changed the object element and it's content a bit.

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/vchris/flash/header.swf" width="470" height="140">			<param name="movie" value="/vchris/flash/header.swf" />	<img src="/vchris/images/header_e.jpg" width="470" height="140" alt="vchris' online portfolio" /></object>

Is there a better way to do this? I read somewhere that this is one of the best ways.What I had before and was fine in IE and FF (no spacing issues):

<object width="470" height="140">	<param name="movie" value="/vchris/flash/header.swf">	<embed src="/vchris/flash/header.swf" width="470" height="140"></embed></object>

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