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How to call a php file using Javascript.

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mani_,Kinda difficult to say without knowing your context, but here's what I think you mean.test.php

<?phpecho "alert('".$_GET['user']."');";?>


<html><head>  <title>PHP Caller</title><script type="text/javascript" src="test.php?user=mani_"></script></head><body>This is a test....</body></html>

Let me know if I'm not getting your meaning.Thanks,

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yes thats works and the same thing i was meaning.I have a index.htm page as a home page and another php file.. i dont want to change the index.htm to index.php... thats why i was asking to put some output from php file in htm file..thanks anyways :)

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Hi,I have moved this topic to Java Script as you are asking for some java script. This way more people will be able to help as people who are helping out with java script are in the java script forum. :) alzable

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