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Hi all;I have a linux webserver ( not local ). There are lots of php sites on it and recently I have created an ASP site and uploaded to the same server. The problem is , the server does not have any ASP interpreter. What technical supporting center told me is that, I should find an ASP interpreter by myself. :) I found ChiliASP which should be provided by server. (and they don't)Is there any way that I can do individually to run my ASP scripts on that linux server? Moreover, some says this is not a good idea and I might have trouble with viewing my ASP scripts. (What they offer is a windows server.)Thanks for your ideas.

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ASP is a Windows technology and is designed to run on Windows. There are some projects like ChillyASP that let you run ASP on Linux but your host would have to install if for you before it would be available to your server and there is always the chance of bugs and problems. I have never used any products to do this so I don't know how good they are.Brinkster.com has Windows Server plans that give you ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, MySql, and MSSql all on one plan. You may want to think about switching if you are serious about getting into ASP.

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