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"Embedded" Forms Help

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Currently, the way I have a page set up (there is no other way, unless it's possible to horizontally invert two table cells), a form needs to span across one table and div, and somewhere within, another form starts and ends.This creates no issue with Firefox, but in Internet Explorer 6, the form won't submit. I know it's not a problem with anything else as if I remove the inner form, the page submits fine.Here is a basic layout of what this page looks like HTML wise:

<form (1)><table>   <!-- table stuff -->   <form (2)>   </form (2)>   <!-- table stuff --></table><div>   <!-- form 1 submit button --></div></form (1)>

I'm hoping someone gets what I mean, and that they can give me a solution. Again, this works fine in FF but not IE6.

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is this applicable:

<table>   <!-- table stuff -->   <form (2)>   </form (2)>   <!-- table stuff --></table><form (1)><div>   <!-- form 1 submit button --></div></form (1)>

You can have multiple forms, you just can't nest them. If you feel like you have to nest forms, then still only use one form but build your action page (the page the form posts to) to conditionally use the fields being posted.

<form (1)><table>   <!-- table stuff -->   <input type="submit" name="submit2">   <!-- table stuff --></table><div>	  <input type="submit" name="submit1"></div></form (1)>

Then in your action page (using in this example, ColdFusion):

<cfif ISDEFINED("form.submit1")><!-- logic using only the fields you want from form 1 --><cfelseif ISDEFINED("form.submit2")<!-- logic using only the fields you want from form 2 --><cfelse><!-- send error message - invalid page request, please try again --></cfif>

So the action page just uses the pieced of information it needs - even though more is available.

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Ahh, as I post you added the DELETE caveat. This is very common. Since a DELETE function rarely needs anything more than the record ID, then you can use a second, separate form for that, just hide the record ID or whatever unique identifier you need.That or the other solution I mention work just as well.

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Given the way the page is set up, I can't get around nesting the two forms.I should have mentioned, that the stuff for form 1 is actually in that table, above form 2, it's just that the submit button is in the div.But thats a good idea anyway, I might be able to simply combine the two forms.

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