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endless loop in script

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I'm trying to create a simple flash slideshow for a website i'm creating. I'm currently creatign a very simple preloader for it.i have a movie clip with the instance name of "loadbar" which I will make bigger to represent how much has been loaded - fairly standard.Here's my script at the moment:

setProperty(loadbar,_width,0);b_loaded = getBytesLoaded();b_total = getBytesTotal();l_width = 185;while (b_loaded <= b_total) {p_loaded = b_loaded / b_total * 100;single = p_loaded / 100;new_width = single * l_width;setProperty(loadbar,_width,new_width);b_loaded = getBytesLoaded();}gotoAndPlay(2);

But when I "Simulate" the download, it's causing an endless loop and crashing the program.Anybody know why it's not working ??-Thanks

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the while loop keeps repeating itself till the program crashes (it's unescapable) .... sorry for double posting by the way .. forum messed up after i clicked "Post"..

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