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VXML tutorial

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Really, there are many many web languages and w3schools covers all a person really needs to learn. As Shinta said aswell, it isn't standardized by the w3c and the tutorials are all languages that are approved. There are so many languages people have stated around here that the Admins won't be able to keep up writing the tutorials.

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Are there any plans for more tutorials in emerging languages, such as VXML?  I have not seen a question about this so far, although I have not read all of the posts.

Well I can't speak for the creator's/maintainer's of this site, but I have noticed that they release new tutorials every once in a while, so I would say yes they probably do have plans for more tutorials in emerging languages. As for which ones, that is completely up to them.
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http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/REC-voicexml20-20040316/It seems VXML 2.0 is a reccomendation scince 2004 :) . The small addition 2.1 is still a candidate reccomendation though :) .
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