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Helloooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there anybody here, who can answer my question ???I have made two drop-down menus on my page, but they don't work. Is the reason that you really can't have more than one ???
No, you can have more than 1 but you must change the name of the function, the form, etc.
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You need to understand the Javascript that makes this happen if you are going to change how it works. You have an element on your page that triggers the menu to appear. It probably triggers through an onmouseover event. In the onmouseover attribute for the element, there is a piece of Javascript code that will execute (and show the menu) when the target is hovered over with the mouse. If you want multiple dropdowns, then either you need to call a separate function for each dropdown menu, or you need to have one function that can open the appropriate menu if you give it the name of the menu to open.Beyond saying that, there's not really any other help that people can give unless you post the code you are trying to use.

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