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XML tutorial

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Hello all!The XML tutorial is not as friendly as most of the many other tutorials. The examples are not as helpful either. I recomend displaying the sourse of the example page, even if it cannot be edited by the viewer, in the Tryit window.Thanks for reading!

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I guess you have some of a point, but there's also one thing... XML just doesn't "do" anything on it's own (I think the tutorial says that too). It requires another language that will use it and make it useful for something.The best example is XHTML. It's an XML based language, but it's elements were previously defined by the creator of the language (W3C). It's up to another application (the browser) to turn the XML text into data that you can see, with links, media, etc. You can also create your own language, which you can then transform into numerous others with the help of XSLT or any other language at your disposal.See, W3Schools can't really give good examples of good XML languages, because knowledge in other languages is required and it is those languages that W3Schools can't give examples to, because of their qantity (almost any modern language can work with XML files).

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