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I have a count down timer in Roman Numerals which has currently the days, hrs, mins, n secs in different boxes I would like to club the counter digits all together, but have run out of ideas to do so.Though in the simple numbers counter (23:09:23:43), I have it clubbed together:

var counter:String = days + " " + hrs + " " + min + " " + sec;	time_txt.text = counter;

whereas the roman version has

days_txt.text = convertToRoman(days);	hours_txt.text = convertToRoman(hrs);	mins_txt.text = convertToRoman(min);	secs_txt.text = convertToRoman(sec);

I just want to make the roman version of the counter to have the digits all in one box just like the simple numbers one. Can anyboyd throw some light on it.......Thx !!!

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