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Okay, I have a question....

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So I'm watching The X-Files... "Kill Switch". The episode written by William Gibson and Tom Maddox.In the episode one of the pioneers of the internet creates a sentient virus. He then tries to kill the virus with another virus... he encrypts the virus and puts it on a CD. Put it's coded within a music file. (Twilight Time by The Platters).I was wondering if this is actually possible. Analysing one of my own MP3s in a hex editor, I can see a few lines at the end which contain the song title and artist. And I know that MP3s can carry extra data about them. So how much exactly can you put into this area? Could you add a long string of code to it and still have the MP3 play as normal?

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I don't really have any experience in this field, but it seems to me that while, yes, you could hide data in any file (including images - check out digital watermarking and Steganography), you're not going to be able to hide an executable inside an MP3. That is, unless you also wrote the MP3 player software that can look for that hidden code and execute it.

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