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Using XSL to simplify an XML


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If someone could post an XSL script to transform the following XML into this format....<row> <standard_area>Arts</standard_area> <level>Alternate</level> <standard>1-Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts</standard> <key_idea_title>Movement</key_idea_title> <key_idea>1- Students will explore and perform dance forms.</key_idea> <performance_indicator>create and perform simple dances based on their own movement ideas. </performance_indicator></row>...I want this structure to continue for each leaf in the xml document.Each tag labeled <row> in the resulting XML will contain the value of the leaf and the value of each tag that is required to navigate down to the leaf.Thanks for the help....Here is the XML that I want transformed...<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><standard_area content_type_id="1" content_id="1"> <value>Arts</value> <level content_type_id="3" content_id="14"> <value>Alternate</value> <standard content_type_id="6" content_id="32"> <value>1-Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts</value> <key_idea_title content_type_id="7" content_id="85"> <value>Movement</value> <key_idea content_type_id="8" content_id="145"> <value>1- Students will explore and perform dance forms. </value> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="356"> <value> create and perform simple dances based on their own movement ideas. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="364"> <value> identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills (such as bend, twist, slide, skip, hop, walk in a straight line). </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="366"> <value> interpret words into a dance. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="369"> <value> participate in movement activities. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="370"> <value> perform individually or in a group. </value> </performance_indicator> </key_idea> </key_idea_title> <key_idea_title content_type_id="7" content_id="86"> <value>Music</value> <key_idea content_type_id="8" content_id="146"> <value>1- Students will explore and perform music in formal and informal contexts and will improvise, create and perform music based on their own ideas. </value> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="357"> <value> create short musical pieces consisting of sounds from a variety of traditional (e.g., tambourine, recorder, piano, voice), electronic (e.g., keyboard) and nontraditional sound sources (e.g., water-filled glasses). </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="363"> <value> explore what musical elements are. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="371"> <value> sing or play simple repeated rhythm patterns with familiar songs and rounds. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="372"> <value> sing songs and play instruments maintaining pitch, rhythm, tone and tempo </value> </performance_indicator> </key_idea> </key_idea_title> <key_idea_title content_type_id="7" content_id="105"> <value>Theatre</value> <key_idea content_type_id="8" content_id="142"> <value>1- Students will create and perform theatre pieces as well as improvisational drama. They will use the basic elements of theatre in their characterizations and improvisations. Students will engage in individual and group theatrical and theatre-related tasks. </value> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="365"> <value> imitate experiences through pantomime, play making, dramatic play, story dramatization, story telling and role playing. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="373"> <value> use basic props, simple set pieces and costume pieces to establish place, time and character for the participants. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="374"> <value> use creative drama to communicate ideas and feelings. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="375"> <value> use in individual and group experiences some of the roles, processes and actions for performing and creating theatre pieces and improvisational drama. </value> </performance_indicator> <performance_indicator content_type_id="9" content_id="376"> <value> use language, voice, gesture, movement and observation to express their experiences and communicate ideas and feelings. </value> </performance_indicator> </key_idea> </key_idea_title> </standard> </level></standard_area>

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