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I have a friend who has a website with a phpbb forum and a couple php pages. The way I arranged it last time is I setup for each page to go see a particular post in the forum which is only accessible by admins. Which saved me from doing an admin panel. It works pretty nice but I got some time on my hands right now and I'd like to have it setup a little better. Right now in the phpbb post he has to input part of the page structure (<table>...). Ideally it'd be great if he would only have to put in the content. I'm trying to figure out the best way for anyone to be able to update the php pages without using FTP and playing with the source code. I was thinking of developing an admin panel but it could get a bit complicated since there could be lots of sections that need be editable (news, reviews, navigation, events, all within the home page). Other pages are simpler since they would only have 1 section. Any ideas on other ways to do this? Could I do something with XML? How could I handle the members page which has the all the clubs members and their vehicle type?

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It's going to get confusing if you use a forum as a CMS. The only thing you are using the forum for is probably the rich text editor, so you might as well just strip that out or use another one and build a simple CMS to do exactly what you need. You don't need to build a CMS to handle an infinite number of pages if your site is only going to have maybe a home page, news page, etc. Just build a CMS that controls the content on each individual page, plus a section for news, plus a section for the members or whatever else you have. If you're building a custom site, it's pretty hard to use a general-purpose CMS to manage it, you'll probably just end up making your own.

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