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CSS popup issue

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Since you are using CSS for this, and it works okay in Firefox, I would use an IE Conditional Statement to fix the problem for IE5.5+.Insert the Conditional Statement somewhere in the <body> tag, usually at the very beginning. Now... grab the CSS code for that CSS popup box, and put it in this conditional statement:

<!--[if IE5.5]><style type="text/css">insert CSS here</style><![endif]-->

Keep changing whatever properties you need to (I think width in this case) until it gets to work in that particular version of IE. Also... I think it might be a problem with the width of your Iframes... might I suggest making them a little wider? If that does not solve the problem, use the Conditional Statement method above and try that out.Hope I helped.

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thanks for helping I think I'm almost there just have to fix this creepy bug on IE6 I used this conditional CSS :#popup a, #popup a:visited {position: relative;display: block;text-decoration: none;color: #000;border:2px dashed #D8BB5A;padding: 3px;font-size:10px;background-color:#9966cc;margin-left: 2px;}#popup a span {display: none;}#popup a:hover {color: #000;direction: ltr;}#popup a:hover span{display: block;position: relative;}I just declared the DIVs before the images but it renders this creepy border now ._. http://jpkuelho.ifastnet.com/sketch/index.html

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