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How do you compare two strings in vbs

Guest mrkdharmendra

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Guest mrkdharmendra

Hi GUYs, I am pretty desperate here.Can you send me a vbscript application code to compare two strings of character/string data from "a-z". Like first compare them and output a result for example compare "bigapple" and "pyneapple" then cut out similar characters in both strings. The output will be"bigpyne" now count the number of characters in the output which is 7, now out of "1-2-3-4-5-6" i need you to browse from "1-2-3-4-5-6" for 7th place and cut out number coming on 7th place, then repeat it again till we end up with one number as a output in this example it will be "6".So would you be able to send me a solution to my email as i need it very urgent.Kindly try to keep the code simple and easy to understand as i am a beginner in vbscripting.Thank you very much in advance.mrkdharmendra@gmail.com - emailkdharmendrak - yahoo chat id.

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