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Guest OSfllwr

I enjoy Obadiah Shoher's site, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict, for some time. several days ago, they posted a message that stunned me. Its point was, how many of Shoher's followers would merely call 1-800 line and say anonymously, "I support you"? Dozens of thousands visitors consult the Samson Blinded often and agree with Shoher, but relatively few are ready to act even in minor things. In the message, Obadiah pleaded for a small issue: to assist proclaim the word. And here I'm, writing about the site,. Obadiah is a lawyer, public figure, politician. He writes unusually interesting posts regarding Israel, Europe, and the Middle East, war and asymmetric warfare, peace and ideology. Obadiah's suggestions are extremely controversial, but actually Shoher's stating bare truth, the thing that us in Israel infrequently read in newspapers. Obadiah's weblog was judged the best Jewish and Israeli blog in People's Choice Awards and rated highest in four categories, though Google refused to advertise it because of the "unacceptable content." Have a glance at http://www.samsonblinded.com/blog

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