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hey all... ok got another problem again... i have two codes that do something similar.. the both scroll the content up and down but the first code below scrolls per line and stos for a while and the 2nd code below scrolls all the content in one go from an external source.. i need the content to scroll per line from an external source.. codes below

Code 1:<script type="text/javascript"><!-- BegintheNews=new newsScroll("theNews"); //create our newsScroller object   theNews.scrollerdelay = 3000; // pausetime 3000 = 3 Seconds   theNews.scrollerwidth = '100%';  // the width of the box   theNews.scrollerheight = '30px'; // the height of the box   theNews.scrollerbgcolor = ''; //  the box background color   theNews.scrollerbackground = ''; // Set to blank if you don't want to use a background image//******************************************************************// // The addItem method below has 5 variables and is formated as follows:// addItem (text,link,font,fontSize,fontStyle)// text      - the text to be displayed.// link      - (optional) website, or page to link news item to.// font      - (optional) Font face to use on item.// fontSize  - (optional) size in pt format //     i.e. 1=8pt, 2=10pt, 3=12pt and so on.// fontStyle - (optional) css style to assign to font. You can use the class name.// //******************************************************************   theNews.addItem('Version 2 now up,<br>Site Under-Construction','','','','');   theNews.addItem('Permanent Games<br>Coming Soon','','','','');   theNews.addItem('Car Gallery<br>Coming Soon','','','','');   theNews.addItem('Funny/Scary Gallery<br>Coming Soon','','','','');   theNews.addItem('Site DJz<br>Coming Soon','','','','');   theNews.addItem('Philip Loves Mikayla<br>Love Ya Loads','','','','');// the next 2 lines construct the news box, and start the scroller   theNews.construct();   theNews.startScroll();// End --></script>Code 2:<!--[if IE]><IE:Download ID="marqueedata" STYLE="behavior:url(#default#download)" /> <marquee id="externalmarquee" direction=left scrollAmount=4 style="width:330px;height:300px;border:1px solid black;padding:3px" onMouseover="this.scrollAmount=2" onMouseout="this.scrollAmount=4" src="external.htm"></marquee><script language="JavaScript1.2">/*External Data Source Marquee Script (Updated 99/11/02)- © Dynamic Drive (www.dynamicdrive.com)For full source code, installation instructions,100's more DHTML scripts, and Terms Of Use, visit dynamicdrive.com*/function downloaddata(){marqueedata.startDownload(externalmarquee.src,displaydata)}function displaydata(data){externalmarquee.innerHTML=data}if (document.all)window.onload=downloaddata</script><![endif]-->

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