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How to get and manipulate the recent position of html-tables and divs?

Guest nickinami

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Guest nickinami

Hi there,I am not experienced in JavaScript and these webscripting languages.That is why I hope that you can help me! :) I do have a script that allows me to make any table oder div draggable!Now it is my aim to save the recent position into a database to reload at any other time.Is there any posibility to achieve those goals?I tried to get the position like that

onclick="alert('Position Top='+document.getElementById('d3').offsetTop)


onclick="alert('Position Left='+document.getElementById('d1').offsetLeft)

The first one seems to work somehow, but the second one allways return the same value, what is that?How can give a value of an JavaScript-Variable to php(to write to the database, without everyone seeing the passwords and stuff)Thanks in advancenickinami

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