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I was replacing my site title which was text with an image, and my site menu ended up too far down in Internet Explorer 6 (all the other browsers work fine). I think it's because of default image properties, but I don't know how to fix it. Does anyone know how to correct it? Thanks.Title in original text: as an image: file: only difference in all the files is in the HTML:

<div id="logo">		<h1><a href="./" title="人間地獄—毒品世界" accesskey="4"><img src="../images/title_En.png" width="518" height="116" alt="人間地獄—毒品世界" title="人間地獄—毒品世界" /></a></h1>		<span id="tagline"></span>	  </div>

<div id="logo">		<h1><a href="./" title="人間地獄—毒品世界" accesskey="4">your site title</a></h1>		<span id="tagline"></span>	  </div>

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