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Need help with dynamic line breaks

Guest Quinn

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Guest Quinn

Hi,I’m having a problem with a long string of data that ruins my view because there are no line breaks in it.This is how it looks:1438,2007-04-13T10:51:11.156+02:00,-0.001,11.8527,1.9729,-0.0386,-0.0369,-0.0168,2.006,2.0934,2.0724,20.3725,2.0248,-0.0054,19.1572,-0.0009,17.9468,17.5096,-0.0234,9.6578,1.9432,-0.0512,2.0378,0.0089,2.0991,2.0436,137832.4531,664.88,17.8345,20.5714,21.1597,20.5063,718.2651,2.0489,1.9822,2.042,2.0496,64.526,20.0206,-0.0657,2.1253,2.0085,-0.0101,1.979,1.9204,2.0723,2.0437,20.6219,0.0064,21.428,20.484,21.8142,2.0643,38.58,53.1303,8.4039,0.0216,-0.0367,2.0633,2.0067,-0.0569,-0.0708,-0.0213,2.1154,2.0407,1.9925,2.0185,12.0645,-0.0247,20.0626,22.0561,1.9737,-0.0054,20.8296,19.4851,18.8023,1.1533,2.0735,2.0182,2007-04-13T10:51:11.171+02:00,2007-04-13T10:51:11.156+02:00The list is comma-separated, but the number of variables in it can vary. Now, how can I change this to force a line-break after for instance every 10th comma?This is what the simple display code looks like at the moment:<!-- logData Template --> <xsl:template match="logData"> <xsl:for-each select="data"> <tr> <td class="log_item"><font size="-1"><b>Index:</b> <xsl:value-of select="@index"/></font></td> <td class="log_item" colspan="9"><font size="-1"><b>Data:</b> <xsl:value-of select="."/></font></td></tr> </xsl:for-each> </xsl:template>

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