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Starting up the Server after the 24th


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Hey SFB, Fedora [Core] 7 comes out on the 24th and I plan on getting it that night. I will then start the server up again.This topic is really to SFB, but I wanted it to be open to everyone... in case anyone cares. Also, I picked Web Services because it was *** IIS that made me have to start up the server again.I was planning on Mitch hosting my new site, but he runs Windows and may programs and scripts aren't compatible with Windows. I could have modified Windows too death, but with Mitch that would take a year or two.I guess a third option would be to force Mitch to give up Windows and switch to Linux... doubt that could happen. Today he missed a thousand errors popping up on your screen [sFB], then crashing the program... MAN, why wouldn't he look faster! (I didn't have time to count... so that's my guess)I think that's enough for now.

the *** was 'bad' FYI

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