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Layout Stretching Problems


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Hey guys! :)I'm coding a layout for a friend and I need to know why it wont work.http://seekond.com/ZS/It's almost done, floating/widths/everything are in the right places cross-browser. This is the last problem (I hope!)In a big screen (1024x1280, 19" monitor) the site would look normal with the outer div (the borders and background of all the content, #wrapper in HTML & CSS) stretching to the bottom of the page. But resize the screen, and you'll notice that the back doesn't meet the bottom of the page, and goes higher and higher as you keep resizing. WHY!Also, the copyright is supposed to rest at the very bottom of the page, hugging the bottom of #wrapper. Why doesn't that work either =[Please help. CSS can be found here:http://seekond.com/ZS/style.css

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