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Insert sesion of user and other id into table , when selected


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Hello,I have one question. How I could create a page with objects (for example pictures) and when a user (that was registered and at the moment he is loged in) would click and look at the picture , his session or id of that user and id of selected picture would be inserted into table. So at that moment i would get information who was looking at that picture.Any examples?Best regards,K

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Rather than linking directly to the picture:

<a href="image1.jpg"><img src="image1_thumb.jpg" /></a>

You might consider building a image loader page that you'd reference like this:

<a href="imageloader.asp?path=image1.jpg"><img src="image1_thumb.jpg" /></a>

Then, on that imageloader page, you could check the session to get the user ID and then write a record to the database table that includes the user ID and the image path. Once that operation was complete, you could redirect the user to the image:


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