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Taking a date from MySQL to PHP - "31st December 1969"


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So I have my DB set up, all the other columns are working fine, but my date keeps coming up as December 1969!Can anyone help?

$headlines = MYSQL_QUERY("SELECT NewsTitle, UniqueID, NewsDate, NewsText FROM $table ORDER BY NewsDate DESC");while($headlineData = mysql_fetch_row($headlines)){ 	$newsTitle = $headlineData[0];	$newsID = $headlineData[1];	$newsDate = date('jS F Y', $headlineData[2]);...

It doesnt crash or anything, and I have tried changing the date format in MySQL to all of TIMESTAMP, DATE and DATETIME, but no luck!EDIT: If it helps, it is currently set to TIMESTAMP with the data '2007-05-11 02:50:33'.Link: http://www.mahalfc.com/news.phpAny suggestions?Bob

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