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Caption Positioning


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I am trying to reduce page length and I have several occurrences of tables with captions that I could reduce by having my caption to the left of the table.My CSS code is:

table.pwprods {  width: 150px;  background-color: #CFFBD2;  font-size: 9pt;  border-collapse: separate;  border-spacing: 2px;  border-color: #000000;  caption-side: left;}

My HTML (verified by W3S!) is:

    <table class="pwprods" border="1" align="center">      <caption class="pwc"><b>Key</b></caption>      <tr align="center">        <td>s</td>        <td>O</td>        <td>x</td>        <td>n/a</td>      </tr>

Can anyone identify why the caption refuses to move please[PS in IE7, I mean. FF2 works fine]

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