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Online Order - how would i go about it

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can wee see what you tried (the code) and maybe we can tell you why it didn't work.There are many great catalog/pos systems out there, I would suggest getting one of those for security reasons. They have the security bugs worked out and you can accept credit card or pay pal payments with other systems (very hard to secure if writing it yourself). In fact if you write a system that accepts credit cards but is not secure you can get into a lot of trouble (legally).

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This is what I would recommend to any e-commerce beginner - do it in this order:

  • First, implement a simple "DONATE" button via paypal on your site - this will get you to understand how to make a form that includes a return url that will collect money.
  • Second, implement paypals (or similar - i.e. yahoo) out of domain pre-build shopping cart so you get a larger understanding of how you need to build a product database and understand fullfillment
  • Third, find a third party cart that can handle all your requirements, install, implement, learn
  • Fourth, ok, maybe by now you are ready to take the resonsibility of coding your own cart from scratch. Without learning everything from the previous experiences, you will have no clue about the financial risk you undertake when you try to code a cart from scratch - don't mess with people's money - a novice cart will have holes that you could drive a truck through.

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