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Guest michael_maberly

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Guest michael_maberly

I think your site is wonderful, and I’ve greatly benefitted from your tutorials – thank-you!One thing that I’m only guessing at, is why you sometimes omit references that would help explain aspects of your tutorial examples. For example, in the CSS Fonts tutorial, you show an example of “font-size-adjust”:<head><style type="text/css">h1 {font-size-adjust: 0.50}h2 {font-size-adjust: 0.40}p {font-size-adjust: 0.60}</style></head>Upon reading this, the first question I asked myself was “what unit of measurement do the values represent?” It took me more surfing to discover that these units are “aspect ratios”; another long surf to discover that aspect ratios are the ratio between a font’s ‘x-height’ and its size (more surfing to uncover ‘x-height’); and more surfing (through some mighty waves!) to finally glean an understanding of what “font-size-adjust” really is, and why it’s used. My guess is that – were you to begin to reference such details – your tutorials would become bogged down in very deep details, which might only inspire fear in tutorial users. However, would a few appropriate (and optional) links -- to others’ pages, if necessary – still frighten students away? For example, the “font-size-adjust” example might have some accompanying links to something like ‘units used in this example’ – which would take the student to a page that explains aspect ratios and x-height; another link might take the student to the “Introduction” at w3.org’s “Fonts” page, which attempts to give some background history and to explain previous flaws that "font-size-adjust" is intended to correct (albeit in extremely impenetrable language!).Thanks, again, for your wonderful work!- Michael

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