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QTVR and Javascript


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I am developing a piece of training courseware which shows a 'start-up' procedure involving several panels / displays, and is being produced using HTML, Javascript and Quicktime VR. This is to be run 'client-side', i.e. on a local machine, no server technology is being used. The layout consists of a HTML page with a quicktime VR movie, which has 4 hotspots. Each hotspot links to a particular panel shown on a new HTML page. For example, select hotspot "1" and jump to page "A", complete some process and return to the VR to select hotspot "2", jumping to page "B" to carry out further actions, then returning to the VR, and so on. The VR and hotspots are set up using the code below:- <script type="text/javascript">QT_WriteOBJECT_XHTML('Media/VR/SCO013VR.MOV', '600', '282', '','autoplay', 'true','align', 'middle','EnableJavaScript', 'true','controller', 'true','showlogo', 'false',//Hotspot for Hand Controller.....//'Hotspot13', '../../CTS_253_PMS_00_Sco013.6_Cde001_V01.htm',//Hotspot for Drivers Master Display.....//'Hotspot59', '../../CTS_253_PMS_00_Sco013.3_Cde001_V01.htm',//Hotspot for Central Control Panel.....//'Hotspot66', '../../CTS_253_PMS_00_Sco013.2_Cde001_V01.htm',//Hotspot for Drivers Slave Display.....//'Hotspot172', '../../CTS_253_PMS_00_Sco013.4_Cde001_V01.htm');</script>All hotspots are to be available all the time, BUT must be selected in the required order. Selection in the wrong sequence will NOT result in jumping to the relevant page, but will remain on the VR display and provide some feedback text onscreen, re. the incorrect choice of panel.My problem is that I cannot find a way to "override" the hotspot links set up in the code above. Ideally I need to intercept the selection and carry out some function to check if it is the correct selection at that particular time, hence determine if the new page should be shown, or remain on the current page and just display the feedback text.I have searched on many sites and found the following in a pdf from Apples site, which suggests that this can't be done (at least not with Javascript):-"Important: Starting with QuickTime 7.1.5, you can no longer issue java script:// URLs or call JavaScript functions from within a QuickTime movie. This feature was removed from QuickTime for security reasons."Can anyone suggest any ways around this?Cheers,Dan

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