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accessible video smil 2.0 & Real player

Guest vincent

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Guest vincent

Hi,I’m trying to produce an accessible video using SMIL 2.0.This video will be played in Real player.This is the source code of the SMIL file :

<?xml version="1.0"?><smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">	<head>		<meta name="title" content=""/>		<meta name="author" content=" "/>		<meta name="copyright" content"/>		<layout><root-layout id="" title="" backgroundColor="black" width="330" height="295"/>	  <region id="video" left="5" width="320" top="5" height="200" backgroundColor="black"/>			  <region id="captions" left="5" width="320" top="205" height="80" backgroundColor="black"/>			</layout>	</head>	<body>		<excl dur="indefinite" fill="freeze" >		   <priorityClass peers="pause">			<par begin="0s" >				<video src="../clips/forts.rm" region="video" dur="2:20"/>   				<textstream region="captions" systemCaptions="on" src="../clips/open.rt"/>			</par>			<audio src="../clips/AUDIOOPEN2.ra" begin="3s" systemAudioDesc="on" />		   </priorityClass>		</excl>	</body></smil>

but when I play the SMIL, video plays but my ra files doesn't play at alli need help, please, thanks

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