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ColdFusion 8 (code name Scorpio) NOW AVAILABLE


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This is one of the most exciting releases of ColdFusion to date. So many cool things to mention, here are a few:

  • <cffeed> - full RSS read/write functionality in one tag - no more parsing XML manually (support atom and rss formats)
  • <cfpresentation> - if you can build an HTML file, then you can now bundle them into a Breez/Powerpoint slideshow with this tag
  • <cfprint> - server side printing! VERY nice, now you can easily script applications to print documents, orders, reports, etc. wheere ever you use this tag - perfect for order fulfillment
  • <cfpdf> - expanded PDF functionality read, write, and print PDF - support pdf forms as well.
  • <cfajaxproxy> and built in AJAX functions - five(5) tutorial demonstrated here: http://www.forta.com/
  • <cfimage> - no more third party solutions, now all the image manipulation features are bundled in this tag, including bit level modification capabilities.
  • simple .NET object integration - <cfset myobject = createObject(".Net", "path.to.dotnet.object")>
  • <cfthread> - no need to wait for one process to complete - run threads parallel to each other now - i.e. file uploading. There are three(3) examples here:

    [*]JSON related functions include: SerializeJSON, DeSerializeJSON, and IsJSON,[*]<cfexchange> - build your own user interface for Microsoft Exchange Server[*]<cfzip> - no more third party solutions, manipulate and create zip and jar files.

But that just scratches the surface. There are more server/administration configurations that include a server monitor and debugging tools. Learn more here:http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/co...snew_052907.pdfDownload CF8 BETA here:http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/i...s_adobecf8_betaEnjoy

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That sounds pretty awesome. Makes me want to learn ColdFusion, I've heard it's a great language to work with. :)
I've been using ColdFusion for a little over 6 years and love it - nothing is easier to learn or integrate. Its just as powerful as any other server side scripting language so there is no real reason not to give it a try.
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