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Ironically shortly before we decided to create this forum I had a bad server crash which made me decide to scrap my home server and just buy some server space. Currently I don't have any personal ASP.Net space but do have JSP so I am going to give JSP another go, it has been about 4 years since I used it.I paid $7/mth and got PHP4/5, JSP,Ruby [on Rails] and Python. Depending on how I make out with JSP I may just have to pay another $7/mth to get some .Net space too. I'll have to blow the dust off my J2EE/Servlets book that has been sitting on my shelf since college.

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i dont think you're gonna get much help with JSP. I don't know many people who use it. lol if you've got PHP why don't you just use that? It's just as powerful but more popular.
I am using PHP. I use it for all my contract work and I use ASP.Net at work. I am not expecting a lot of help from this forum. I hvae done JSP in the past and I am just looking to refresh my skills and keep current.Believe me there are a lot of people that use Java.
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