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gia sas!!


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Full name:Maria VougioukalakiAlternative name(s):mary darkoBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy):11.12.77Gender:FeMaleZodiacal sign:SagitariusCountry of residance:Live in GreeceCity of residence:AthensSmoking/Drinking/Drugs:no/no/No!!!!Favourite Music:everything except traditional greek and technoFavourite Movies:Hal HartleyInterest:Travelling and filmsPets:none:(Additional comments:it aint over till its over!!Hi guys!I work with typo3 and try to learn html and css and probably some day java script:PI studied economics but hated it so after i studied cinema esp editing but i havent worked on it only amateur(avid and final cut)..Hope to get to know ya all soon!!

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