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Wich is the best way if I want a page that, like a pre-home, says "Click here to Enter"? Should I use the first index.html for do that, with a redirect to another page, like index2.html (for example), or is there another method for do this?

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The only reason I'd have users click to get to front pages is if you wanted that to serve as a nexus to your other sub-domains, but only if those sub-domains are well integrated with the main site, or if nobody seems to know they exist and you want to advertise that. But still, as the other said, it's better in practice to go straight ahead to the main site.However, you could play with some JavaScript, making it so that when a user puts their mouse over an icon or banner (preferably large), the script calculates maybe 1 or 2 seconds, then redirects the page. Fancy, but I still advise against it.

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