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If you ask me it's not. I only use it because that what is setup at work. I'd much rather use PHP over CF. CF is a simpler language than PHP and ASP that's for sure, it's tag based. Instead of writing your whole connection string, it's basically one tag. That's what I love about it. The support isn't as good as php. There's the Macromedia Coldfusion Reference files and stuff but it's kinda limited in what they show you. You really need to buy a book if you want to learn it.

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Is ColdFusion worth the money?....
If you ask me it's not....
aarrrghhh, there is nothing to buy unless you are setting up your own hosted environment that you want the world to see - otherwise there are plenty of hosting services available to you. Out of the big three server side languages Microsoft .NET is the most expensive to adopt. It is extremely difficult and inefficient to develop in anything but Visual Studio and it HAS to run on Windows.If you read nothing else in this post:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=6706at least read this article top to bottom:http://coldfusion.sys-con.com/read/46362.htm************************Is ColdFusion worth the money?(see above)I mean is it as functional as php?(see before mention article)what are the advantages?(see before mention article)easy to setup & use?Setting up the ColdFusion server is as easy as any other software application. Follow the wizard and you can be done in no time flat - even if you do not have your own web server or your own database server. ColdFusion comes with the ability to server web applications for development and version 8 now comes with Derby, an open source database from the makers of Apache Web Server.You have everything you need with one install - php doesn't bundle a web server, let alone a database engine.any support?As vchris mentioned, support may seem a little sparse. The livedocs on Adobe's website are helpful and get you using the code correctly but they do fall short of helping you with specific problems. But, just like PHP and HTML for that matter, community based support is where it is. ColdFusion user groups are spread throughout the world but there are hundreds of small online communities and bloggers that provide a lot of help - yes you have to look a little, but its not that hard if you try. In fact, you are likely to find more reliable ColdFusion resources since the community is not as saturated with pickup truck landscapers like ASP and PHP communities are.Everyone will have their opinion about one language versus the other. My bias is pretty obvious and I'm not shy about admitting it. But I've tried php and asp and for anyone who is as slow as I am (hate reading and learn best by observation) then ColdFusion is the easiest to pick up - it looks like HTML so it doesn't feel like or look like a whole new language and its operators make sense <cfif>, <cfelse>, <cfset>, <cfinclude>, <cffeed>, <cfpdf>, <cfoutput>, <cfquery>, etc. Heck, with just those hand full of tags, I've been able to make database driven websites for a variety of clients - simple, yet effective and secure.
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