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http://exemple.net/in.asp?id=277<wml><card id="index"title="my w@p"new context="true"><p align="center">welcome Alexandre007 W@P<br/><img src=logo wbmp"all="logo"/></p><p><br/><a href="http://alexfriend.com/">alexfriend</a></p></card><card id="about"title="about me"<p><br/></p><p align="center"><a href="#index">back</a></p></card></wml>hello , all if you can help i have probleme i'm new student wml my problem where and ho add background & texte & link color inside my form script <p><body bg color="#0000FF"texte="#AADD00"link="line">link="#9999FF"</p></card></wml>i dont know ?¿
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