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Need some CSS help! Please!


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Hello!I'm trying to make my website look the same in every browser. I guess this is a common problem. My website looks the right way in firefox, camino, safari and shiira but something happens in opera.I want a 6px gap between the two menus. And I want the page to look the same in every resolution and in every browser on win/mac (as far as posible).My website is located here: http://pegs.no/ivar/The relevant css is located here: http://pegs.no/ivar/style.cssThis might be a font problem. This is my font definition: font-family: "Lucida Grande", Verdana, "Bitstream Vera Sans", Geneva, sans-serif;This is the relevant menu code:

#meny {    height:16px;    top:56px;    position:static;       text-transform:uppercase;    text-align:left;    font-size: 8pt;    color: #665544;    border-color: #766554;    width:616px;    padding:3px;    background:#fdfaf7;    border:5px solid #ecebea;    border:1px solid #dcdbca;}#linker {    height:16px;/*  overflow:visible; *//*  position:absolute; */     float:right;     margin-top:-24px;     padding:3px;     display:inline;     text-transform:uppercase;     text-align:center;     font-size: 8pt;     margin-left:632px;     color:#654;     width:160px;     background:#fdfaf7;     border:5px solid #ecebea;     border:1px solid #dcdbca;}

Is there anyone who could help me out? Thanks in advance!

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