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Select/drop down truncation


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Hello,I have a drop down that is truncating the default value or the Request.form("foodbank") is truncating it: <% Response.write("<font face='Arial'>Foodbank ") Response.write("<select name='foodbank'>") Response.write("<option value=" & Request.form("foodbank") & ">" & Request.form("foodbank")) Response.write("<option value='Central Illinois Foodbank'>Central Illinois Foodbank") Response.write("<option value='Eastern Illinois Foodbank'>Eastern Illinois Foodbank") Response.write("<option value='Greater Chicago Food Depository'>Greater Chicago Food Depository") Response.write("<option value='Northern Illinois Food Bank'>Northern Illinois Food Bank") Response.write("<option value='Peoria Area Foodbank'>Peoria Area Foodbank") Response.write("<option value='Riverbend Foodbank'>Riverbend Foodbank") Response.write("<option value='St. Louis Area Foodbank'>St. Louis Area Foodbank") Response.write("<option value='Tri-State Foodbank'>Tri-State Foodbank") Response.write("</select></font>")%>when a value is chosen, such as 'Central Illinois Foodbank', and the form is posted to the same page, the choice appears in the dropdown. If the submit is clicked again, the value now appears as only 'Central' instead of 'Central Illinois Foodbank'. Any ideas on why this is a being truncated and how to stop it?? I have tried requesting the form data and putting into a variable, then filling the default value with the variable, but the same truncation happens.Any other ways to get the results I really need (the same value each and every time) would be welcome as well. thanks,chris

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