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conditional logic on options in a select


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I've found a solution for this but it seems hackish. I was hopeing someone could do better. scenario: I have a select box with a some options. The value for each option is a key type identifier for the backend, so it probably shouldn't be changed ( but could be . . . with some work ). Though the options are all the same type of thing, lets say vehicles, amongsth the vehicles we can discern two different types -- trucks and sedans. problem: How can we check to see which kind has been selected, and thus change the processing of the submission ( in my case, "sedans" need to use a secondary window for the target of the form, and "trucks" should use the current window). Remember, it would create a lot of work to mess with the value, which is the backend key and derives from logic that I can alter. In other words, it can't really be examined for clues as to truck or carness. I thought about setting the class attribute to car or truck, but that seemed like a worse hack than the one I have settled on. Thanks in advance,Chad

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