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Updating the XML document via JS

Guest siromega

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Guest siromega

OK so here is what I got...projects.xml (an XML file)projcets.xsl (the XSL document to transform it to human readable form - this is linked as the stylesheet in the XML document)projects.jsWhat I want to do, using javascript, is refresh parts of the underlying XML document. I cant figure out how to get access to the root XML node of the underlying XML document. I've seen examples of where someone, using JS, loads an XML document (either hardcoded string or via XMLHTTPRequest). I know JS has a replaceChild function which is what I want to use - when the user updates data at a node I want to hvae the underlying XML document updated via a new XML fragment replacing the old node over XMLHTTPRequest.If I try to find objects using getElementByID() I get HTML objects, not XML nodes and attributes. I need to access and update the underlying XML data (and have the web browser re-render the page using the XSL document).Is this at all possible? Any ideas on how to access that root XML object?

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