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Odd Session Behaviour


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Hi All,I've been wrestling with this problem for two days now and just cannot work out what the cause is! Below is a simple piece of code that is designed to return a view (for now, just simple html) depending on one of 3 states of the system. This state is stored in a SESSION var and is manipulated by the GET parameter 'cmd' (i.e. cmd=Next etc). With these commands, additional information can also be sent, these are automatically stored into the SESSION under the appropriate name (i.e. cmd=Next&name=Paul) the $_SESSION['name'] would be set to 'Paul'. This works fine for the first input but when an email address is given in state 2, the data is not shown in state 3 with the name from stage 1 (if that makes sense :) ). However, the data is being stored as when you refresh the page and redisplay stage 3 the data appears!The code snippit is below:

<?session_start();/*        Registration Form Script*/// Includes//include("includes/mysql.inc.php");// Constantsdefine("MIN_STAGE_COUNT","1");define("MAX_STAGE_COUNT","3");// Functionsfunction PrevStage(){        if ($_SESSION['Stage'] > MIN_STAGE_COUNT)                $_SESSION['Stage']--;}function NextStage(){        if ($_SESSION['Stage'] < MAX_STAGE_COUNT)                $_SESSION['Stage']++;}// Beginprint("DEBUG: Begin<br>");print("DEBUG: Checking Session<br>");if(!isset($_SESSION['Stage'])){        print("DEBUG: Stage not set. Defaulting to 1<br>");        $_SESSION['Stage'] = 1;}else{        foreach ($_GET as $field => $value)        {            print("DEBUG: Switching Field " . $field  . ".<br>");            switch ($field)            {                case "cmd":                        switch ($value)                        {                                    case 'Next':                                        print("DEBUG: Command Next.<br>");                                        NextStage();                                        break;                                    case 'Prev':                                        print("DEBUG: Command Previous.<br>");                                        PrevStage();                                        break;                        }                        break;                default:                        print("DEBUG: Unknown Param " . $field . "=" . $value . " - Storing to session.<br>");                        $_SESSION[$field] = $value;                        break;            }        }}$Pages = array();$Pages[1] =     '<h2>Enter your name...</h2>                 <form name="Form1">                        <input type="textbox" name="name" id="name">                        <input type="button" value="Next Stage" onClick="javascript: NextStage();">                 </form>';$Pages[2] =     '<h2>Please enter your email...</h2>                 <form name="Form2">                        <input type="textbox" name="email" id="email">                        <input type="button" value="Previous Stage" onClick="javascript: PrevStage();">                        <input type="button" value="Next Stage" onClick="javascript: NextStage();">                 </form>';$Pages[3] =     '<h2>Welcome ' . $_SESSION['name'] . '!</h2>                 <p>You gave your email as: ' . $_SESSION['Email'] . '</p>';print($Pages[$_SESSION['Stage']]);print("DEBUG: Stage = " . $_SESSION['Stage'] . "<br>");print("DEBUG: End<br>");session_write_close();?>

I'm guessing it has something to do when the way I am setting the session values and that the returned data is being returned before the session has been updated. I just can't see it. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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