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Values in a form


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Hello there,I have created a page in php that contains a form for a tram website where you can select your start destination, end destination, no. of adults etc. The page is both a query page and a result page whereby once you fill in the form it sends the form details to itself and then displays what you have entered. If there is a validation error in the form then the form is recreated on the page but saves the values you have previously entered and displays them in the recreated form. However I can't seem to figure out how to display the value selected in a combo box, if an error occurs then the combo box displays the first value that is in it i.e. "City Square".

 # assign form values when applicable $startstation = $_POST["startstation"];  # assign a value to Start Station $endstation = $_POST["endstation"];  # assign a value to End Station $adults = $_POST["adults"];  # assign a value to No. of Adults $children = $_POST["children"];  # assign a value to No. of Children $tickettype = $_POST["tickettype"]; # assign a value to ticket type $sent = $_POST["sent"]; # assign a value to sent

# the HTML form that can be written dynamically$title = "<h3><u>Fare Calculator</u></h3>";$form = "<form action=\"tramform.php\" method=\"post\"><p>Start Station:	<select name=\"startstation\" selected=\"$startstation\">	<option value=\"City Square\">City Square	<option value=\"Headrow\">Headrow	<option value=\"University\">University$form .= "<p>Number of Adults:<input type=\"text\" name=\"adults\" value=\"$adults\">

Surely as i have typed selected=\"$startstation\" when the form is recreated it should display the value that had been previously selected?How can I solve this?

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You could put your select options in an array and then build your select.This is how you want to make an option "pre-selected".

<option selected value="someValue">TEXT</option>

Option Tag( selected )

<?php$selArray = array('City Square','Headrow','University');$startstation = '';if(isset($_POST["startstation"]))$startstation = $_POST["startstation"];foreach($_POST as $key=>$val){    echo "$val is $key.<br />\n";}echo '<form name="f1" method="post" action="'. $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] .'">        <select name="startstation">';        foreach($selArray as $i=>$value){          if($startstation == $value){             echo '<option selected value="'. $value .'">'. $value . "</option>\n";             continue;            }            echo '<option value="'. $value .'">'. $value . "</option>\n";        }        echo '</select>      <input type="submit">      </form>';?>


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