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AJAX script on page unload

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HiI'm trying to track links clicked. I am using PHP and MySQL to store the referer in the database then I have an onmousedown event on all links which calls a php script through AJAX. This script updates the database to add the link that the user has clicked on for that page.When I test the setup, I find that if I trigger the onmousedown event without clicking the link (ie click then move the cursor away), the script runs nicely and records the correct information. When I click for real, the script doesn't seemt finish running so the information is lost.Does anyone know how I can delay the page from redirecting until the script is finished?I am aware of the option of have a holding page which runs the script but I think this is a bit intrusive and is of no use to the user so I am trying to avoid it.Perhaps another alternative is to run a php script in the background which continues while the user navigates away but I'm not sure how this can be done.Thanks in advance for your help!Henry

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You could also send the AJAX request synchronously rather than asynchronously by setting the third parameter to the open method to false.

xmlHttp.open("GET", "mypage.php?id=something", false);

Then, the scripting engine will have to wait until that request returns before continuing on with the execution of the hyperlink being clicked.

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