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Triple Loop

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I have this JS file that takes care of my rollovers. I need to add 2 styles (3 total). I want to create loops to declare my rollovers.Currently what I have:home_e = new Image(118,37); home_e.src = '/images/home_e.jpg';about_e = new Image(118,37); about_e.src = '/images/about_e.jpg';portfolio_e = new Image(118,37); portfolio_e.src = '/images/portfolio_e.jpg';contact_e = new Image(116,37); contact_e.src = '/images/contact_e.jpg';home_e_hover = new Image(118,37); home_e_hover.src = '/images/home_arrow_e.jpg';about_e_hover = new Image(118,37); about_e_hover.src = '/images/about_arrow_e.jpg';portfolio_e_hover = new Image(118,37); portfolio_e_hover.src = '/images/portfolio_arrow_e.jpg';contact_e_hover = new Image(116,37); contact_e_hover.src = '/images/contact_arrow_e.jpg';This is only 1 style (will become blue style) and 1 language. I have French and English for each button and styles blue, red, and green.This is an example of what I want:home_red_e = new Image(118,37); home_red_e.src = '/images/red/home_e.jpg';home_red_e_hover = new Image(118,37); home_red_e_hover.src = '/images/red/home_arrow_e.jpg';So is there a way to create some kind of loop to replace all this text?I have 8 buttons total for 1 language (1 base and 1 hover). I have 2 languages (english and french) and I have 3 styles (blue, red, green).I got this so far:

//Buttons array	var buttons = new Array(4);	buttons[0] = "home";	buttons[1] = "about";	buttons[2] = "portfolio";	buttons[3] = "contact";		//Languages array	var languages = new Array(2);	languages[0] = "e";	langauges[1] = "f";		//Styles array	var styles = new Array(3);	styles[0] = "blue";	styles[1] = "red";	styles[2] = "green";		var i,j,k;		while(i < 4) {		while(j < 3) {			while(k < 2) {				buttons[i]_styles[j]_languages[k] = new Image(118,37);				buttons[i]_styles[j]_languages[k].src = "/images/" + buttons[i] + "_" + languages[k] + ".jpg";				buttons[i]_styles[j]_languages[k]_hover = new Image(118,37);				buttons[i]_styles[j]_languages[k]_hover.src = "/images/" + buttons[i] + "_arrow_" + languages[k] + ".jpg";				i++;				j++;				k++:			}		}	}

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Actually I thought about something during lunch.All that happens when I hover over a navigation image is I load a duplicate of the original image and add an arrow. I could simply add the arrow with css on hover and no need of JS.

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