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Hello, everyone i m gourav. i wanted to know a little about forms. I want to make a shipment calculator wioth predefined values. i want to create a drop down form. Please find the details here:Suppose in the drop down box you enter five countires: Country/Region: Select Country USA UK Canada Japan India The five countries are defined previously with values. There should be two boxes namel: calculate and clear. and one form box for the resulting answer . Suppose when any person selects the country USA and presses the button calculate then in the result box the shipment charges will appear as USD34. because this value is predefind with the country USA and appears in the result box only after clicking the tab calculate. and also when the clear tab is presses in the country/region drop down box it automatically should adjust to :select country and the result box should also become empty. Please note that no linking should be there. The values are all predefined, you can set any values for the countries also. Please send me code immediately. Hoping to hear from anyone soon,Gourav

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