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Read Before You Post!


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Disregarding these guidelines will prompt a moderator to contact the individual(s) in question and will result in appropriate action.

  • requests must come from the original site's author - if you did not build it then you are not allowed to request feedback.
  • constructive criticism ONLY - posts that contribute nothing and/or otherwise flame will be deleted and the member will be warned.
  • if you are working on behalf of a client, you must ask permission to solicit public feedback, especially if the site is not live or not intended to be accessible to the general public.
  • report threads on other areas of the discussion board that should be moved here.

All in all, please be sure to be mindful and respectful to the effort people have put forth. For those seeking criticism, understand that you are opening yourself up to truthful statements that might be contrary to your personal feelings. In other words, you need to be prepared to be fed to the wolves but also understand that each perspective is based on individual experience (which will very from 1 week to more than a decade).

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