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Hey everyone, i'm new around here.. First post. Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge in here. :)Down to my question - I'm having a ridiculously hard time getting my footer to stick to the bottom.. I'm beginning to lose hope and im starting to think it could be because of my CSS. How are you guys doing it? The code below shows the columns within the content as absolute positioning but I've also tried relevant to keep the "flow" going but nothing. I've also tried the footer within the content and within the container but nothing. I'm stumped.The closest I can get is setting a min height on the content and the footer will stay, but will popup a scroll bar if you resize - even though there's no content filling the space.This is what I've tried in a nutshell. Thanks - I hope you guys can help.The HTML

<div class="Container"><div class="Content"><div class="LeftColumn">Lorem Dipsum lala etc.</div><div class="RightColumn">Lorem Dipsum lala etc.</div><div class="Footer"></div></div></div>

The CSS.

.ContentContainer{		position:absolute;		min-height:100%;		height:auto !important;		height:100%;		width:100%;		top:0px;		left:0px;		z-index:0;}.Content {		position:absolute;		left:0px;		width:100%;		top:262px;		z-index:2;}.LeftColumn {	position:absolute;	left:0px;	top:30px;	width:370px;	margin-right:10px;	z-index:2;}.RightColumn{	position:absolute;	left:400px;	top:31px;	width:370px;	text-align:left;	z-index:2;}.Footer {   position:absolute;   background-color:#000;   bottom:0px;   width:100%;   z-index:100;}

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I suggest you drop the position:absolute and use Floats and Margin to position the columns.http://jlhaslip.trap17.com/samples/templat...left/index.htmlcheck that page out
I went this route. Thanks. The only problem now is that, the footer doesn't really hit the bottom of the page. Instead it moves only when theres content. So if I have a white bg and a black footer extending 100% width, it looks strange when the footer hits black and AFTER the footer the white comes back in.
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