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How to make a Music Player Interface and Code it?


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Hey,So...im trying to Have Music on my website (which i already know the basic html code for)What i dont know is this...With the basic Code it Just brings up an Ugly greyish Interface or no interface at all...Theirs lots of music and professional sites with sorta "mini controlls" That are Very sleek and Simple with simply a play and pause Symbol and Perhaps the track name....Am i being clear on that? So how can I do that? Is that something with coding? Basic Html/Css Whatever? Basicly i Want a code SIMILAR to this one:

<embed src="yourmusic.mid" width="140" height="40" autostart="false" loop="FALSE"> </embed>

But i want to Have a CUSTOM Controll pannel Instead of that one......Can someone helP? Thank you!

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