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I need to add something to an open source library. Could you please explain the following - What exactly is SVN? Is there any good SVN client on Windows?What is a mailing list? How can I become part of it? How do I view old emails?What is a patch? How do I submit it?What is changelog?What use is of an IRC channel?

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SVN is Subversion, which is a version control software.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subversion_(software)Mailing lists were used before we had forums. It's sort of the same thing as a forum except it's through email, when you make a new post to the mailing list everyone who is subscribed to it gets an email. Most mailing lists have an archive online somewhere. To subscribe you typically send a subscribe email to a certain address.A patch is what you submit, it's the group of files that are being changed, or the changes that will be integrated into other files. How you make it depends on the software.A changelog is a history of the revisions to a piece of software. You can usually see the different version changes, the dates they were released, and the changes that were made since the last version.IRC is internet relay chat. IRC is what people used before AOL unleashed hordes of kids onto the internet. You can get an idea of a typical IRC chat session by checking here:http://bash.org/?top

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