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Need some help with new lines and wordwrap


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Ok.. so heres my problem. I have a place where users can post comments on my site. I want these comments to accept and display any new lines they enter ("\n") into the text box, and i want the output to be wordwrapped.. i have it working, however, it displays weird and I want to know if it is fixible. Or, is it better to use another form of wordwrap?heres the code i have...

$comment = nl2br(stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($getComment_Query['comment'])));$comment = wordwrap(ereg_replace("<br />", "<br>", $comment), 50, "<br>", TRUE);

heres the output..

this is a sample comment that I am leaving. thisis a sample comment that I am leaving.
thats how it appears on my page and it looks pretty ugly..anyone have any ideas?
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