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Which font size to choose


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No matter how nice the site looks on my computer, it will probably look different on someone else's due to a combination of their browser's default font size, size of monitor and screen area (800x600 etc), and a million other things. Not to mention the old CTRL & mouse wheel business.I've read two CSS books and both say that using a point size like 12px or 10pt is not recommended for screen. Its OK for printing because most printers are A4 size and we know how big the piece of paper is. So, the recommendation is to use em or a %age.Personally, I think most users have their default text size too big so I tend to use 0.9 em or 90% for the body/p text - but then if they have set a small size then I'm making it even smaller. If I don't specify a size then obviously it will pick up on their default setting but that's usually too big.Can I ask what YOU use to ensure the best possible layout across the widest range of browsers/settings. I'd be interested in hearing your views or suggestions.Thanks.

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