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Logic Checking


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Hello,I have a function, and I just want to have the logic checked.This function checks to see when the next monday is, but if it is today then it sets the next monday to be a week from today.At least thats what I think it does.Can someone take a second look and make sure my logic is right.

function getNextMonday(){	var date = new Date();	var daysTilMonday;		for(i = 0; i < 8; i++)	{		if (i < 1) // Make sure it is not monday already		{			if (date.getDay() == 1)			{				daysTilMonday = 7;			}					}		else		{			if (date.getDay() == 1)			{				daysTilMonday = i;			}		}	}	return daysTilMonday;}

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